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The thought of Call girls in London generally conjures up images of expense account business men waving credit cards at high class women who won’t smile unless you slip them £500 quid. They have the reputation for being at the very top end of the price range for girls in the adult industry in London. Well I’ll let you into a little secret…call girls are no more sophisticated or classy than your average Escort girl…in fact they are the same girls…it just so happens that if you’re looking for a call girl you’re going to find websites where they will charge you extra just because they think you can afford it. Maybe it massages your ego, if money’s no object and you like the idea of booking some supposedly jet setting ex catwalk model whose flits from Dubai to Denver, Venice to Vladivostock then by all means pay a premium. However the truth is that most Escorts appear on a lot more than just one site. If you took the time to look you’d find them on many sites including Call Girl sites…after all there’s always the chance that you’re not going to notice or be sucked in by the fancy website. Playful escorts are all as good as any Call girl you might book. They may even be the call girl that you have just booked. So do a little research please and look around and then come back to Playful escorts to book the best call girls London has to offer and at the best price.

We cover the following areas: London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey