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Miyako has that "blurry face" look going on… oh I mean she may not have a face here at all! Well I guess you can see some of her face as just her eyes and top of her head are missing. I would like to inform you that when she arrives at your place all freshened and prettied up... You are going to be in for one heck of a surprise. A very nice one indeed! In the flesh she has the looks of a princess. You can see enough of her in the photos… the parts that really count anyways. Our 20 year old black haired "Korean Princess" is going to fulfill your desires and create for you the most erotic and sensual fairy-tale you could ever imagine. From start to finish you are going to enjoy every minute of time spent with this wonderful girl. She is very slim and petite with the most perfect little body. The best thing about fairy-tails is that most all of them have "happy endings" I think it will be one for the both of you...

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