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When I first saw Francesca come walking through the door of our office I was in awe, total shock. She walked in and all I could see was those legs! She was wearing one of those high cut soft miniskirts that are made to look like a blue jean skits. I don’t know how long my gaze was transfixed on those beauties but it was like a bee is attracted to pollen, I’m sure she noticed, but she never said a word. At that moment I felt like a child who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. It was a good feeling actually… You know the feeling of excitement you get from doing something you know you are not necessarily supposed to be doing, but you do it anyways and then you caught in the middle of it… Well it was a good feeling and I am sure Francesca is more than use to having guys and girls as well fixated on those legs. Women can be so jealous and envious of others at times. She didn’t seem to mind, so call now to experience everything Francesca has to offer. You don`t have to just stare…  

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