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There's something about Amber, I don't know what it is, she just has the sort of face that holds the attention, and it’s got depth and character. She is a perfect specimen of young, pale skinned beauty. Just plain beautiful! She's only 21 so she's still a baby but they grow up fast you know and believe me her performance was anything but inexperienced.  Well Amber sure stirs up some primal emotions in me...ones not felt in a long time. You know those “animal instincts.” (Admit it, we all have them on occasion, some more than others, heh heh) She certainly, and I may add very easily brought out the beast in me…oops, I meant the best of me. You would have thought that someone jokingly replaced my daily dose of mega-vitamins & supplements with a handful of Viagra that day. But no, it was just Amber with her natural beauty and charm. She was amazing! Added to that pretty face is an athletic, young, smooth skinned body and a truly professional attitude to Escorting. I think she could easily have been a fashion model if she wanted. I can just see her sensually strolling down the runway, wearing expensive designer clothes with hundreds of camera flashes going off and forever being badgered by paparazzi’s. I feel for some of those girls, all that glam, fame, hype and invasion of privacy cannot really be worth it always can it? But oh well Hollywood’s loss is our gain and so she finds herself strutting out on the 'catwalk of life' with us guys. I like it here just fine.

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