You’ve Never Had It So Good

I’ve been associated with this Industry for many years now and frankly I have never seen the like of it before. as a guy booking a London escort you are just spoilt rotten. I can remember the days 20 years ago when the Escort scene in London was a lot different. There were a lot of tired English girls, feeding ‘habits’ of some kind, going through the motions, giving the kind of shoddy dating experience that beffitted there tired and lacklustre state. These Escorts London could frankly do without.

Happily and incredibly there has been a transformation and it’s largely thanks to the EU ( see I knew we’ve find a positive for the blasted thing one day). Yes the free movement of people around the European Community ( that ,means people coming here of course not you’re Dad moving to Poland) has drawn countless girls from the EU countries and other Eastern European Escorts to our shores. Equally I think cheap air fares have helped…both because we have been able to have our stag weekends in the flesh pots of Hungary and Budapest which has opened our eyes to the beautiful women from Eastern Europe and also of course it has made it easy for them to jump on a plane and come here to meet you. 

So you see ‘you lot’ have never had it so good. The standard of the 21st century London Escort is infinitely better that the tired old birds that you often came across in previous days. A lot of English girls have had to move aside being replaced by their prettier and more committed European sisters and frankly I’m chuffed about that…why? because it makes my job a darnn site easier to promote a girl who is genuinely beautiful and has the right attitude to match.

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