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I’ve decided I want to be a cougar when I grow up. And no, by cougar I don’t actually mean a large wild cat, but simply a woman who dates younger men! Apparently I have to be at least 42 before I can graduate to the ranks of cougar, and the younger men have to be around fifteen years or more my junior. I’d be in trouble with the law if I tried that now, so I’m going to have to wait twelve years or so for the eligible young guys to come of age. London escorts, who know all about dating issues, point out that there is a kind of glamour about being a cougar as it has been practiced by celebs such as Demi Moore and Madonna. Indeed, many women are following in the footsteps of such role models and wouldn’t even consider dating a man their own age.

If I’m honest, I always used to think that women of that ilk were sad and pervy  – I mean seriously, what do they want with a boy when there are actual men out there? I now realise that this attitude was the result of being young myself – guys my own age or younger just seemed ridiculously immature. How much better to have a real grown-up gentleman, suave and sophisticated, to take care of you and treat you to proper dates? Now, however, at the age at thirty, it’s dawned on me that older men tend to be showing real signs of aging (unsurprisingly). The last few guys I’ve dated have all been around forty with greying hair, wrinkles and the threat of a paunch. Slightly older men are that much worse, and I very rarely see one in his late forties or older that I could possibly fancy. It’s true that people ‘let themselves go’, and I’d definitely say it’s truer of men. I’ve even noticed a lot of guys in their thirties looking ten years older than they actually are – what happened to people aging more slowly these days, e.g. ’40 is the new 30’?!

So now I genuinely understand the obsession society has with youth, and have begun to notice men in their twenties in a way I never really did when I myself was that age – having seen what’s on offer at the other end of the spectrum they positively sparkle with strength and vigour.

Our collective love of youth is the simple reason why most busty escorts in London, and blonde escorts in London, are very young (i.e. early twenties). There’s nothing more life affirming than a date with a gorgeous young escort in London who keeps you on your toes and reminds you of the energy of youth. Of course there are some girls in their thirties as well, but they are in such great shape you would be hard pressed to guess they were older. And a little extra experience never goes amiss.

Youth is a wonderful thing, and possessed in abundance by our gorgeous London escorts.

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