You’re a Long Time Dead!

Lots of morbid sayings like that about, but is it the truth?

I’m a spiritual person and I don’t believe this world is the end. I think we live on and that our time on Earth is like going on a training course. We’re all here to learn lessons about who we are and what is important, we choose the life we have in order to better learn those lessons. So if you have a shitty life, don’t blame God or your parents, it’s because in the higher plain you sat down with your spirit guide and decided that you wanted these challenges…because that’s what will make you grow and more quickly reach a sort of more enlightened position.

I’ve got it all figured out and I’m not unhappy with the life I chose..I just wish I’d had a huge cock..that would have helped I think..not much to ask..maybe I was too embarrassed to bring it up with my spirit guide…so that’s a lesson learnt there and then…Hopefully I’ve learned a few more profound lessons as well over the know what’s coming…the bit where I tell you you owe it to yourself to book one of our escorts.

The thing is I think it’s true. Even if you’re married is it really that terrible to want to have the excitement of a few hours with someone maybe younger and more glamorous…you’ll still going home to the WAG’s, you still love them…you’re still going to pick her up from the station, drive her to see her Mother when the semi finals on, sit through Mamma Mia, make love to her with a passion, maybe grow old with her if the fast food and lager doesn’t get you first. The two are not mutually exclusive, I think life is about experiences and the idea is to have as many unique, memorable moments, interspersed with giving and receiving love. That way when your whole life flashes before you, you’ll have that moment when you watched your little boy get up and finish the 100 metres even though he got tripped near the start, interspersed with the honeymoon in Sri Lanka and then just a glimpse of Roxy riding you like a race jockey…now THATS a fucking LIFE!!

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