Your Responsibility to the Industry

If you’re reading this then I’d guess you must be hooked on Escorting…to find you’re way to the Blog section of a site, when booking a  London Escort is you’re immediate priority, shows a certain professional dedication. I’m pleased because it’s nice to talk ‘at’ someone who takes his London Escort dating so seriously.

If you do, then I think we have a potential problem developing in our industry. That is the price of your date with the Escorts London has to offer is beginning to go up..up..up. I’t seems that now 150 is very much the minimum and searching through the directories I am seeing more and more London Escort Agencies where there girls are pushing towards 300 for an hour. I even saw an ‘average’ looking Asian girl advertised on a Agency site for 500 an hour.

Now I understand that these guys are offering a different service to us. If you’re a 500 an hour Escort I’m guessing that you’re going to have a lot of spare time to pamper and preen yourself. Take a stroll down to the local restaurant and ‘do lunch’ with your other high class London Escorts. Stroll back, take a nap then prepare for your client. That sounds great but do you really think all that preening and lunching translates itself into a better performance for you? I doubt it. On the odd occasions when I have visited these London Escorts I find their attitude to be far from perfect. It’s like you’ve interrupted their lives, there’s an air of superiority that made me feel more uncomfortable than I’ve ever felt at the budget end of the Escort Industry.

These girls generally have ego’s to match the size of their bank balance and as they know that you are very unlikely to become a regular client (unless you’re a lottery winner or Mr Esso) then there is no need to pull out all the stops to try to please you. At Playful Escorts we don’t have that problem. Our London Escorts are very anxious to please you guys and are hoping that you will want to see them again. Our business is built around keeping our clients happy so they use us again and again. We are a London Escort Agency primarily I guess for Londoners and as such we understand that this City is one of the most expensive in the World and we are fighting to keep our prices down.

I’d like to think that as a true ‘punter’ you can appreciate what we are trying to do. The bottom line is that if you are willing to pay 400 or 500 pounds an hour for an Escort Girl then these Agencies will flourish and that will inevitably push up the price of the budget Agencies. That is because the girls we represent will also want more money so they will demand a bigger commission from us. So please think twice before suppporting the Agencies that are ripping people off. It simply does not follow that the more you pay, the better the service you get.

The best experience I ever had was with a Thai Girl in Thailand. We travelled around Thailand for a week saw all the sites and she only asked me for 100 bucks at the end of it. I paid her more out of respect but that is a fair illustration that you’ve got to search out the best experiences and not just waive money at girls.

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