You show me Yours if I show You Mine

In a recent court case, 2 boys have been acquitted of sexual assault after the risque game most of us played, mainly innocently, went horribly wrong. There is no doubt that kids today are maturing more quickly and getting more sexually aware at a much earlier age. Why this is, I’m not totally sure. A lot of it I think it is down to the media. Kids are bombarded with images encouraging them to grow up more quickly than is necessary. The internet also has teenagers viewing hard core porn and probably rejoicing in corrupting their younger siblings.

I’m not condoning the kids behaviour, but generally the fascination of finding out what a girls ‘bits’ look like seem to be happening at a much earlier age. I saw my first one at about was an innocent ‘you show me yours, I’ll show you mine’ and frankly I seem to remember being slightly appalled at the look of it. It was all tucked up neatly and tidily so I didn’t really get much of a view and it didn’t answer all the questions that I thought a cursory glance would have resolved. That was me at 14..barely scraping the surface of my sexuality, posing more questions than were answered…I’d wait another 5 years before really getting to grips with one. These days at 14 it seems if you’re not indulging in anal sex and you’re girlfriend doesn’t swallow then you’re doing something wrong…well we’ve got those gangster rappers to thank for your average teenage boy thinking ‘dissing’ his ‘bitches’ is going to get him his crib worthy of MTV.

Frankly I’m fucking fed up with the lot of it. I’m fed up with a lot of kids growing up without respect for anything. That’s got to be the parents fault and why is it we can make it compulsory to take a test before you drive a car or before you become a citizen, but not to bring another human being into this world…we could make attending parenting skills a requirement for receiving child maintenance…which of course is another rant of mine just waiting to pop out…Oh dear, this blog is becoming a little to self indulgent I think…ok I promise to reel myself in a little and try to stick to the point about you booking one of our escorts….Roxy’s soothing hands are what’s called for…and a little lie down in a darken room (alone).

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