You Looking at My Bird

Ah the mating call of the lesser brain celled south London thug looking for an excuse to beat the crap out of someone. That’s the great thing about booking one of our London Escorts, you are not going to have to descend into his world in search of a mate. Maybe you were looking at his bird..some peroxide monstrosity in skin tight denim with a crop top and a leather jacket…but you were looking in order to remind yourself that you may be alone…but there were worse situations to find yourself in…to him its irrelevant anyway, you could have been daydreaming about whether to go for the healthy option of cheddars or the full blown teeth shattering, heart attack inducing, pork snacks have to be taken seriously after all, he doesn’t care, its the fight he’s after, the Alpha male reinforcing his position as leader of the pack.

Cut away from this adrenalin inducing scenario to The Chop House in Shad Thames. It’s a balmy night and you’re sitting opposite Ramona. Romana is a sweet young London Escort whose only 19. You’re dining alfresco and staring out over the Thames watching the river shimmering in the moonlight. Unbeknown to Ramona you’ve prebooked the special offer 2 courses for 10 quid offer on the internet so this isn’t going to break the bank and Ramona intoxicated as much by the ambiance of the place as the 3/4’s of a bottle of wine you’ve shoved down her throat is getting quite touchy feely and is simmering nicely. The hotel is booked, your carriage awaits then….

…you awake from the daydream to find the thug is not going to let this one lie..’I said you looking at my bird?’ You now have the choice…total humiliation and you get to go home in one piece, or a futile attempt at fighting this animal followed by a trip to casualty….he’s old school so the chances are it’s fists not a shank but he’s still going to do you some real damage…ever seen cage fighting on the TV?

Well the next bit is up to you isn’t it….our number is 0208 965 8881 and we can arrange a romantic date with one of our London Escorts…there are upwards of 50 to choose from and they cover every conceivable preference. You don’t have to go to Shad Thames we can just as easily have Ramona on your doorstep inside 45 minutes just in time to share that pizza with you or you can always come and see her in Paddington. The decision is yours and good luck.


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