Yellow Balls..

I was lying in bed yesterday morning and a weird sensation came over me, this warm ray of light came over my face as if from know where. It was an incredibly strange sensation, it felt so natural and so warm, I really couldn’t put my finger on what it was though, it was quite an alien feeling. So I got out of bed and opened the blinds to see this bright, yellow ball in the sky, a sky which was a weird shade of blue I must add, a colour which I have rarely seen through the constant shade of grey.

After staring with my head tilted in an inquisitive manor for what seemed an age I realised that the anomaly in the sky was in fact the sun! I know it probably seems like I must have been incredibly drunk or perhaps that I am just a bit of strange guy but in all honesty it felt as though I hadn’t seen the sun out in such a way with such a nice blue sky in the longest time. I got into work and despite it being a Monday morning all of the London escort girls were in a great mood, I asked them why and the answer was simple: “the sun is out,”

What that particular escort in London said was true, the second the sun comes out here the mood changes. We have all been so used to trudging around in the cold, rain and snow for the last few months that it is easy to forget how nice it is just to have a bit of sunshine. As guys we all look forward to that time of year when the temperatures go up and the ladies start to wear a little less, as you can imagine the busty escorts in London love it to, any excuse to show off how gorgeous they are.

But just as quickly as it came it is now Tuesday and it has disappeared, only to be replaced with the familiar grey cloud and spitting rain. Hopefully there will come a time where the sun is out for more than one day, and the sky will be blue and the London escorts will be wearing less, I think it is meant to be called Summer but it is difficult to say whether we will have one of those this year, here’s to hoping!

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