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Well, X-Factor has finally come to an end, a fact I’m both happy and sad about. Happy because by the time the series gets to the finals there aren’t many contestants left to keep things interesting and it really does drag a bit. Sad because I’ve come to rely on the show for my Saturday night entertainment if more exciting options don’t materialise, or I catch up with it on the Sunday repeat. Like our London Escorts, I often find myself otherwise engaged on Saturday evenings.

Many a happy hour (well 20 minutes) has been spent in earnest discussions with friends about who should be voted out this week, and is Cheryl’s hair better red or brown. We were all relieved and delighted when Wagner was eliminated – the joke had really worn thin and I hated that decent singers were leaving the competition early just so he could stay in and flash his fake smile at everyone.

I think I can honestly say that this series was one of the best. Apart from the novelty acts it offered wonderful talent and diversity, both in terms of the types of contestants and their musical styles. There were the more conventional, powerful performers such as Matt and Rebecca and Trey C. Then there was the little funky rap babe Cher, the quirky, 1940s-ish Katie, soulful Paige and the harmonious One Direction, to name but a few.

Our Escorts are big fans of the show, catching up with it between dates (a couple have been lucky enough to see it during a date, due to the clients also being fans!), and gossiping about it with each other. They all had their favourites and liked to discuss what kind of performers they would be. They fully appreciated the diversity because they are such a diverse bunch themselves.

Apart from the most obvious superficial differences, for example there are always Blonde Escorts, Busty Escorts, London Brunette Escorts, petite or tall escorts, black or white escorts, but they are also very different in the way they speak, laugh and the things they like.

Nemeh is a lovely Black Escort who would look great on X-Factor. Tall, glamorous, dark and daring – I imagine her belting out diva-style ballads.  Diamond, who is young, tanned and passionate I see caressing her way through some soulful classics.

Magda with her cheeky, blonde looks would be brilliant in some cutsey rock-chick role.

This is only three of our London Escorts. We have such a great variety of gorgeous, charismatic ladies that we could fill every type of X-Factor – and client – niche imaginable. If you want cheeky, fun, conversational, red-blooded, passionate, intimate, gregarious – every kind of desirable personality is available, along with a great range in looks and styles. If these escorts were in an X-Factor competition judged solely by you, believe me, you’d never vote any of them off!

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