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I am surely not the only person out there who is sick and tired of hearing about Cheryl Cole, even the London escorts can’t stand picking up newspapers and magazines and constantly reading stories about her and they usually quite like a bit of the old gossip magazine nonsense. I just do not understand how someone that is so uninteresting and boring can garner the interest of so many people, she really does not have anything about her that is worthy of the amount of coverage that she always gets in the press. Aside from the fact that she is quite pretty, albeit partly because she has had some work done, otherwise she does not really gauge my interest. The music she makes is awful and her little grin on X factor didn’t really win me over in the same way that it did with a lot of the British public. If the papers and the magazines really wanted to cover someone simply because of how attractive they are then surely it would make much more sense t write about and publish pictures of our sexy escorts in London but of course none of them were married to an annoying footballer or in a rubbish girl group that somehow ended up quite popular.

I have never really understood the popularity of some people, Katie Price is another person that I cannot believe is adored so much by so many people. I was with a few of the London escorts a while back and they tuned into her show and it was showing some sort of book launch of hers (a book that she definitely did not write herself) and the amount of people that were there queing to see her was unbelievable. There were thousands of them, many of whom had been queing up from early hours in the morning just for a chance to see her and get her to sign one of her books. It really is crazy, and the same goes for Cheryl Cole, she has an army of fans big enough to take over the world, lucky for us they are mostly 14 year old girls or there might really be some trouble. I try to ask the London escorts what the fascination is with these women but they cannot seem to explain it either, they just put it down to an innate thing that a lot of women have to be interested in someone that all other women are interested in.

Guys will generally only have such an obsession about a woman too but usually for very different reasons. I am sure many of you would be queing around the block if you had a chance to go on a night out with them. Well the good news is that you don’t have to resort to that, just pick up the phone and give one of the London escort girls a call and they can be yours for the evening.

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