Woz the worst job you ever ad

I have mentioned in a few of my posts in the past that the job of a London escort is probably one of the best that anyone could have and of course I still stand by that. Our escorts in London get to go out to the biggest events around the UK and around the world if they are very lucky. They get wined and dined in the best restaurants in London and taken to the most prestigious clubs often rubbing shoulders with celebrities and footballers. Of course for every good there is a bad, if the job of a London escort is one of the very best then what is one of the worst?

Standing by the window at the London escort HQ the other day I noticed a gentleman standing strangely close to my car, it took me a minute to register the fact that it was a traffic warden. As is always the case I ran down there as fast as I could hoping that I would make it down there enough before he got a chance to slap that horrible yellow piece of plastic on my windshield. Predictably I was a few seconds to late and of course an argument ensued, he had given me a ticket just because one of my wheels was ever so slightly touching the yellow line. I tried to explain that I park in that spot everyday and sometimes the whole of the car cannot fit inside the bay and I have never gotten a ticket outside the London escort HQ, he didn’t seem to care and I eventually just had accept it knowing how unreasonable he was being. As I walked away I noticed another disgruntled driver approaching that traffic warden about a ticket he must have just given him and of course they ended up arguing too.

This little chain of events lead me to believe that whilst being a London escort must be up there with one of the best jobs in the world, being a traffic warden must easily be one of the worst! I think there is a universal hatred for traffic wardens, there are not many worse things to have to pay for then a parking ticket, especially when it has been given to you for something as trivial as the recent one I got.

Sometimes I just think that if a traffic warden is in a bad mood they may be much more likely to give you a ticket when they could have otherwise just let it go, perhaps if they had a night with a London escort they wouldn’t be so dam petty!


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