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Feeling a little sheepish yesterday after hearing about the London escorts’ strict fitness regime (and being confronted with the stunning results on a daily basis), I’ve resolved to embark on a training programme of my own. Not for the first time, I might add. It’s usually around this time each year, following the excesses of Christmas, that I renew my gym membership along with my motivation to become a shining example of male vitality. This lasts for 7-10 days, and then I lapse into my normal routine of reassuring myself that the walk to work is sufficient exercise, and maybe I should allow the mini cheddars into my diet again as a certain amount of fat is actually very important.

This year I’m going to try harder. Busty escorts in London and blonde escorts in London don’t give up after a couple of weeks. In fact they maintain an admirable intensity to their workouts and healthy eating habits, because they know how much their clients appreciate fit and healthy looking girls. Young escorts in London quickly learn that if they look after themselves, then work will follow. It’s the same with people in the modelling and entertainment industry I suppose – there’s always a pressure to look good because that’s partly what you’re getting paid for.

Anyway, I’ve followed the advice of one of our gorgeous black escorts and gone to the effort of writing a timetable, detailing when I should got to the gym, when I should play squash, what food groups I should eat for dinner each night and that sort of thing. I know it all sounds a bit nerdy, but there is something about having it all written down that make sit more official, and I do feel more compelled to adhere to it than normal.

Of course, it’s important to pay attention to mental health as well, as everything’s all connected when it comes to your general sense of well-being. I keep reading newspaper and magazine articles where experts are extolling the virtues of having a good-social network, not isolating yourself and having plenty of sex. Apparently this all guarantees you’ll live longer and better.

So as well as going to the gym I know I must remember to see my friends regularly (hence the weekly squash games) and not alienate my wife by eating too much curry.

London escorts are vital in helping some people achieve a sense of well-being. There are times in everybody’s lives when we don’t have as much quality human contact as we really need in order to beat all the nasty diseases. Sometimes we bury ourselves in work, or go into a sulk and can’t be bothered to attend certain social occasions. London escorts often have clients who have in some way found themselves isolated, usually due to circumstances such as a high-pressure job, and for them a night out with an escort is a perfect release from the stresses. Sometimes I think escorts should be available on the NHS!

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