Why the Blurred Escort Photos?

You may have noticed that some of the photos posted in the Escort profiles have the faces blurred.  There you are browsing the site for your London Escort for the night, a gorgeous body catches your attention. You click the profile to view the photos , and while the most stunning body comes up, you can’t see the Escort Girl’s face.

Why is this? There are several reasons. Often times we blur the face of photos in response to a request from the girls. Now, you must appreciate that several of these young ladies lead lives unconnected to their work as Escort Girls, and need to preserve their reputation in this sphere. Just like you, they are game for a discreet, fun adventure, but must also consider their reputation. This also works in your favour as well. Imagine taking a popular London Escort to your Christmas party, only to hear Ben from accounts snicker ‘that’s Mandy from Playful Escorts.’ If you challenged him, he could simply bring his I phone out, bringing up the site which he ‘accidentally’ stumble onto last week.  If Mandy’s face were blurred however, even if Ben wanted to be a weasel, he could not do so without revealing that the reason he knows Mandy’s features because he had dated her himself.

We know that you may be tempted to just bypass Escort Girls whose faces are blurred, but we think that would be too extreme. The bodies remain visible, and you would be losing out on some very fit dates just because you could not see their faces.  Also, you will appreciate that she values discretion as much as you do, and will ensure that you’re engagement, while fun and flirty, does not become an issue to damage either of your reputations.

Unlike other agencies, Playful Escorts does not engage in the practice of blurring the faces of girls whose photos are arbitrarily being used for the site. All our photos are genuine, and representative of our Escort Girls. Lovely lasses like Loren are keen to enjoy the best of Escorting in London while preserving their privacy.  Booking a date with her will no doubt leave you impressed with her talents and appreciative of the beauty you were unable to uncover. A little hint of mystery always helps the anticipation to build. So if the escort of your choice has her face blurred, still book throughout friendly receptionists and await your first sight of her features when you meet.

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