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With all the crazy going’s on in the world it is starting to look like the world could well and truly be coming to an end. Despite all the complaining that us in the UK have done (myself included) we have had it quite easy compared with the rest of the world as of late. The horrible situation in Libya, the mad protests in Egypt, the floods in Australia, Earthquake in New Zealand and now, possibly the worst of the lot the tsunami that has hit Japan and caused the entire world to stand up and take notice. Ever since the tsunami has hit there has been a load of hysteria around the London escort HQ as some of the escorts in London are starting to believe the idea set forth many years ago by the philosopher Nostradamus as he explained that the world was likely to end in 2012.

I blame myself party for the hysteria that has been going around the London escorts because I actually convinced a lot of them to watch the film 2012 last year and if any of you have seen the images on the news and the film then you will know exactly what I mean when I say that the similarities are quite striking.  One of the escorts in London showed me a video that seems to be going around online that shows a whirlpool created just off the coast of Japan by the tsunami waves. If you look closely at the video you can actually see cars and a boat being sucked into the central vortex of the whirlpool.

The video easily looks as though it could be a scene from a disaster film such as 2012 and it is quite an amazing yet disturbing thing to see. This got everyone in the London escort HQ talking about what they would do with their last 24 hours if we were all told that some sort of apocalyptic occurrence was to be announced and we were all told that this may be the planets last 24 hours.

Some of the responses were quite interesting, of course the most common was that people would like to spend their time with loved ones, friends and family where as others said that they would go out and eat all their favourite food and drink all their favourite drinks (alcoholic drinks I assume) and of course many of the guys in the room said that they would like to spend their time with a sexy female as that is what they enjoy the most.

Well instead of waiting for the world to end to spend your time with a sex female perhaps it would be a better idea to just hire a London escort now and not have to worry about doing so if the unlikely event that we are all told the world will end in 24 hours ever does occur!

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