Where are All the Asian Escorts

Where are all the Asian Escorts? One thing that has always disappointed me with our London Escorts collection is the lack of any significant number of Asian girls on our books. We’ve had the occasional one in Mika and Jolly but most are very difficult to find. When I say Asian I mean Thai or Japanese or Chinese rather than Indian although having said that the same does apply. In the case of Indian girls I get the feeling its a cultural thing. I just don’t think the Western Indian culture allows for there women to become London Escorts. I think the shame (why I don’t know) that they feel that is heaped upon the family is such that in all but the most western of Indian families it is unlikely to happen. We do have a lot of Indian clients so I’m sure the demand is there but you don’t see that many Indian Escorts in London.

In the case of shall we say South East Asian girls there are lots of them working in London. The Oriental culture is very different to that of India. The emphasis is more on a woman serving her man and making sure that he is happy than on a woman being totally tied to the family and not free in any way. The culture of necessity seems to allow for the possibility and so in the case of Asian girls we face a different problem in trying to persuade them to become London Escorts. I think with Oriental girls it is that they are mistrustful of Western Agencies so they stick to specialist Asian Escort Agencies. I hate to say but I also think that maybe these Escort Girls are not totally free.

We all know there is big business in trafficking people, that this is now fast taking over from drug smuggling as a major source of revenue for organised crime. It’s safer and it carries less penalties than drugs. Plus of course there is money to be made out of these girls after they arrive…they are not just free, they have their passports confiscated and are forced to work for these Escort Agencies. I know thats not always the case, but I’m struggling to find a reason why they all stay at one Agency whereas if they worked with us at Playful I’m sure they would be much busier, because they would fulfill a need that our regular customers have to go elsewhere to find.

So my closing words would be to Asian Escorts. If you are a London Escort who is free to work for any Agency, don’t just join an all Asian Agency where you are one of 30 or 40 other Asian girls, come and work with us at Playful and stand out from the crowd and get noticed. My words for you is you are a client who likes Asian Escorts is try to find out from talking to your girl if she is free and happy working where she is, I know thats not always going to get you the right answer but its a question that needs at least to be asked.

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