when in doubt…indulge yourself

Even thought I am not overly religious I quite like Easter, not only because I am self confessed choc-o-holic but also because it seems so contradictory sometimes. We constantly have people on TV (Jamie Oliver anyone?) telling us that we must eat healthier, we have to make more of an effort to eat the right kinds of foods and get our five a day. The same goes for newspapers and some magazines, there are constant articles about ‘obese Britain’ and how such a small percentage of us eat the right amount of fruit and vegetables each day. There have even been talks of the government introducing higher taxes for junk food, particularly chocolate as a way to  put people off, and I can tell you that did not go down well with the London escorts as we all know how much women love chocolate.

What makes me quite like Easter is the fact that despite all of the articles in the newspapers and the celebrity chefs telling everyone that Britain is getting fat, despite the supermarkets pushing people to eat their five a day by reducing the prices of fruit and vegetables, the second that Christmas and New Years have passed and all the way up until Easter at the end of March/beginning of April we have Easter eggs pushed in our faces, kind if defeating the object no?

I was having a conversation with a couple of the escorts in London the other day and they were saying how annoying it was, they get told to be healthy and eat better but anytime they go into a shop or supermarket they are surrounded by discounted chocolate eggs. If you are not being forced to glare at a wall of chocolate shaped eggs from every chocolate brand imaginable then you are confronted by a plethora of mini bags each containing hundreds of little chocolate eggs whilst standing at the tills. This is what seemed to annoy the London escorts the most, they all seemed to be united in the view that it is not really fair that they put all that chocolate next to the tills, it is just leading people into temptation.

It is especially annoying for girls like the busty escorts in London as they are obviously the kind of girl that likes to take care of their figure which means that as well as working out as often as they can they also have to watch what they eat and having cheap egg shaped chocolate thrust in their faces for 3 or 4 months doesn’t really help with that!

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