Weekends come and they go and most of our London Escorts tend to do the same things each weekend, whether it is going to bars or clubs or hitting your favourite restaurant or going to see a film at the cinema, these are all the standard things that people like to do when the weekend comes around and of course this is because they are all affordable (unless you are going to clubs in central London and you are a guy) and they are enjoyable, but sometimes it is nice to change things up a bit and do something a little bit different and the theatre is always a good option when it comes to this sort of thing. People are often put off of going to the theatre because they are unsure if they will like the production  or they do not want to spend too much on something that they will not enjoy, well having the London escorts around can be quite handy and they have suggested a few good things to see in the theatre to me and since then I have gotten into going to see plays quite a lot, and I do not mind spending that little bit extra money on seeing something good.

If you are a fan of horror films and you like to feel a little bit scared and anxious at times then there are a couple of plays that the escorts in London have suggested that are very good The Woman in Black is one of them and it is probably quite well known by some of you, it has been floating around the West End for quite some time and for good reason, it is very entertaining, a good storyline and it is actually quite scary! It is not overly expensive to book yourself and a partner (preferably a London escort) to go and see it. Another production on the scary end of the spectrum is Ghost Stories, a play that started out in Sheperds Bush but ended up in central London due to its popularity, this is another quite scary production that creates a very good atmosphere in terms of anxiety and general fear, perfect to take a busty escort in London to as she is likely to want to cling quite firmly to your arm when it starts to get a little bit more scary.

So if you fancy something a little bit different and you don’t mind spending a little bit more money on a night out with a London escort then book some theatre tickets and enjoy a live play with a sexy female by your side.

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