What next..Escort Day

Maybe my memory is starting to fade as I get older but I do not actually remember there ever having been a woman’s day before. It is fair to say that I don’t remember last week that well, let alone last year so if there was one and I do not remember it I would not be too surprised but it is a new one for me. I was sitting having my breakfast this morning at the London escort HQ and a couple of the escorts in London strolled in going on about the fact that it was international woman’s day and that I should be doing something to appreciate women, I honestly thought that they were having me on until I flicked through a couple of newspapers and realised that it was in fact the truth.

Having read through a couple of articles and listened to the London escorts talk about the fact that it is international women’s day I am still unsure as to exactly what is supposed to happen on this day. Is it like fathers day and mothers day where we are all pushed in the direction of buying our parents some sort of useless thing that they do not really need to show them how much we appreciate them? Or is it just one of those days that is given the name but where no real celebration or gift giving occurs?

For the sake of many guys out there I hope that it is the latter as we have already just had Valentine’s Day a few weeks ago and mother’s day is now on the horizon, if you have been to a supermarket of late you will have noticed that they have been sneaking in the mother’s day cards next t the red nose day stuff, just to remind us all that it is on the way.

My reaction to the London escorts proclamation that I should be doing something special for women was to tell them that if there was a man’s day then perhaps I would consider their request but until this comes to fruition which it surely will not I do not think I will bow to their requests. Imagine if it were the other way around and there was a man’s day but no woman’s day, imagine the outrage that would occur amongst the female community.

When I asked the London escorts what they thought of this situation they just laughed and said “every day is man’s day”, if only that were true. The best treat you can give a London escort on international woman’s day is to give her a call and hire her for a few hours, just do not bring up international woman’s day around her.

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