What makes the perfect Escort?

OK I’ve done a lot of thinking about the answer to that question..and of course the answer is…it depends. It depends on you the customer and what YOU want. There are basic standards that we at the Agency are always working on. Getting our girls to you as fast as possible, being as honest as we can about their attributes and making sure we take on board your comments and ensure that the girls that work with us are respectful and professional. Once we’ve fulfilled those requirements then it’s up to you and your chosen escort to make a connection….you have to communicate to her what it is that’s going to make your time together that extra bit special.

What makes the perfect London Escort? Well obviously in terms of looks, I can’t say definitively. We all have different ideas of our perfect woman and one has to respect that. Personally I think Dana is about as close to perfect as we have on the website. Of all the Escorts London can offer you, I don’t think you’ll find better than Dana. She’s young, she’s very pretty, she has an athletic firm body, she looks fantastic.

But of course that is only half the story…looking great means nothing if you’re personality doesn’t live up to the promise. Dana thankfully has personality in abundance and, as London Escorts Girls go, is the complete package for me. But that’s just me and I’d love to hear your views on it all and who you consider to be your perfect escort and why.

Variety is what makes the world go round and thank God we all have differing preferences and likes and dislikes, if not, we’d all be chasing the same Escorts in London and that would make our job impossible and you guys a pretty dissatisfied lot wouldn’t it?

Please give me some feedback as to who’s your favourite and why…lets try to get some dialogue going here.

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