What makes a London escort special?

A London Escort is a distinctive individual, possessing a charm and grace all her own. The women who become wildly successful working as escort girls know, as in any profession, the importance of knowing your client and working consistently to surpass their expectations. So what makes a good escort?

Well, she must be more than merely attractive. Notice I use the word attractive and not beautiful. Many London escorts are classically beautiful, with perfectly symmetrical features and a well proportioned body that is consistently maintained. These ladies can be found on the websites of every London escort agency, and are no doubt very busy professionals. Yet there are many female escorts London who are not categorised as beautiful in the traditional sense, but possess a certain je ne sais quoi which has men falling to their feet in eagerness to go out with them. Of course, these ladies are all very professional, and will maintain the expectations around hygiene, good manners and appropriate conduct that is common to the escort industry. But they may also have a particular physical or personality trait that makes them rather fascinating to others.

This leads to the second characteristic – personality. Escort girls, especially those working in such a diverse and cosmopolitan city such as London, need to have the right personality for the job. It is very rare that you find a genuine shrinking violet doing escort work. Ideally, an escort girl is a bit of an extrovert, enjoying the buzz and excitement of meeting someone new everyday and partaking in various experiences.  The social skills of the London escort are just as important as her physical beauty, as she must be able to maintain conversation with her date, as well as possess the right manner to put him at ease should he be agitated for any reason. A good wardrobe is always essential, as are good planning skills, including diary management. Escort Girls who make it to the top of their profession, possess all of these traits and skills, and have learnt to use them fully to their advantage.

As you can see, London escorts are accomplished professionals, and expect to operate that way with clients and their agency. Here at Playful Escorts we are always on the lookout for beautiful ladies wishing to work as escorts, so if you’re interested please drop us a line.

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