What About London Escorts Day at Ascot

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I have never been the biggest fan of horse racing, I didn’t really have much of an opinion on it in the past but a lot of the London escort girls that I work with feel as though it is a bit cruel, which I do agree with. Being a bit of an animal lover I will always be a bit funny about watching any animal be forced to compete in some sort of sport that we just watch and have interest in hoping that we can win a bit of extra money. Especially when the horses are being hurt and sometimes even killed, I suppose it is bad that I do not have much regard for the jocky’s but to me they are just little men that hit the horse so I am not too concerned about them.  The only thing that really draws my attention to horse racing is the mention of ‘Ladies Day’, I always hear about it each year and most guys seem to get quite excited about it, from my dad, to my mates, most guys seem to get quite excited by the prospect of ladies day.

So with all this excitement surrounding ladies day I thought it best to have a little glance at it this year just to see what the fuss was all about, I turned the TV on expecting to see the very best of the best, some of the most gorgeous ladies looking top notch, but what I actually ended up seeing was a bunch of half decent looking females dressed in quite unsexy clothes wearing silly hates. Now I might be a bit biased and my judgement might be swayed because I have had the privilege of working with the gorgeous London escort girls for such a long time but what I am certain of is that if I replaced all of the women at the Royal Ascot on ladies day with some of the London escort girls the reaction would have been even better than it was.

I actually read in the newspaper the next day that there were a bunch of guys that got into a big brawl over a couple of the girls at Ascot, there were chair legs being swung, bottles of champagne (of course) being thrown around and a few injuries sustained and this was all over a couple of girls that really were not that attractive, can you imagine if some of the London escort girls were to have been there, it could have turned into a mass brawl. Maybe next  year a few of you should consider taking a couple of our girls along with you, if you really want to turn some heads (Without getting into a fight preferably) then making the Royal Ascot ladies day a London escort day you will certainly succeed in doing so.

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