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A lot of emphasis is put on age, but in my opinion age does not define beauty at all, having worked young escort girls and older London escorts I have realised that being a bit older does not take away from how good looking you are, how sexy you are or how fun you are, it is more a state of mind than anything else, as many people (often those that are a little bit older) say, you are only as old as you feel. The older escort girls that we have on our books are often just as popular as the younger London escorts as a lot of guys prefer the company of an older more distinguished woman, someone that they can talk about their life experience with and share a more mature evening than might be possible with a younger and less experienced girl. Not taking anything away from the gorgeous young things that we have either, they to have their own client base who prefer a more young and vibrant escort for their night out, but whatever your taste we have the girl to suit you.

Just because of the age of a certain escort do not let it put you off hiring them for a certain event. For example, if you have quite a swnaky dinner to attend and you find the perfect London escort to go along with you but she is a bit on the young side, do not be put off of because of her age, a lot of the girls have experienced going to a whole range of different kinds of events, from posh charity dinners to London night clubs and bars they have seen and done it all so you do not need to choose according to age unless of course you have a particular preference for a certain aged woman. Equally, if you are looking to hire an escort in London for a big night out on the town and you find a hot one but she is a bit older than you and your mates, do not underestimate her ability to party as I can pretty much guarantee you that she will be able to keep up with you, your mates and anyone else you think knows how to party.

So remember that whatever age preference that you have we can always provide the perfect girl for you, our girls do not conform to typical age stereotypes, the younger ones are more mature than you would think and the older ones are a lot more fun then you probably realise so it is important to keep an open mind when it comes to hiring the girls. And not to forget you guys, the girls do not mind what age you are either (providing you are over 18 of course) so do not feel intimidated if you are a bit young or embarrassed if you are a bit old, when it comes to London escorts age is nothing but a number.

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