Wayne’s World Collapses

As Rooney walked off the pitch last night the frustration boiled over into him lashing out at the supporters for booing. I think both had a point. It was clear to see that the guy was frustrated by his performance and probably didn’t need the added critisisms however he ¬†is so obviously ¬†different to the Rooney we witnessed in qualifying, that you can’t blame the fans who’ve spent thousands and made many sacrifices to get there being upset.

I’m sorry to say but I honestly believe England need Rooney to be fit and well and on his best form if we are going to progress in the tournament. Rooney was the difference in qualifying, we asked the question at the time, ‘what happens if Rooney gets injured’? and the general concensus was that we are fucked..last nights performance was an illustration that without his creative input and goal scoring ability, the rest of them havn’t got a clue. It probably only needed a goal to lift the England teams confidence and for us to see a better performance but Rooney resorted to shooting from 35 yards because he clearly isn’t match fit.

In the interests of England, we are going to make Capello a unique offer. We are willing to have the Playful Escort of Wayne Rooney’s choice flown out to South Africa at our expense to give him a little TLC and revive his spirits. This is a genuine free offer and all we are waiting on is a phone call from Capello or maybe Ray Clemence who obviously has more time, to let us know who the lucky girl is going to be.

Personally I think instead of having the kids coming out at the start with the players. I think each should have a Playful Escort holding their hand instead.

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