Watching You ‘P”s and ‘Q”s

There is no doubt that manners seem to be going out or fashion. Certainly as far as the young are concerned. My teenage son’s mates are a mixed bunch but one thing they all have in common is that the idea of saying please and thank you and hello and goodbye seem to be alien to them.

That is not the case with our Escort Services in London. We interview each of our girls before you get anywhere near them and the point of that is not only to establish their looks, but also to make sure that they have the right personality. That is, we only want girls associated with us who are kind, honest, decent and respectful of both our Agency staff and equally importantly your good selves.

There is nothing worse in my opinion than booking a Escort in London only to have her arrive and her communicate to you in the numerous ways possible that she doesn’t want to be there. We won’t tolerate that, so if one of said girls slips through our security net, please call us and let us know that your Escort Services are not what you or us would expect.

We can’t afford to have a situation where our London Escorts are putting our relationship with you at risk, so it’s very important that you let us know if you’re not happy.Any feedback from yourselves good or bad is important to us.

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