Want to Improve Your Language Skills? Meet one of our Latina Lovelies

South America has always been a popular destination for adventurous backpackers and holidaymakers. It is a place with an incredible history of conquest and revolutions, leading to its reputation as a hot blooded continent.  South America is relatively stable socially and politically, and can be explored completely overland by the truly intrepid traveler. From the wonders of the Amazon to the pleasures of the Costa Rican Cloud Forests, South America seems designed, by nature, to take your breath away.

It’s little wonder then, that so many of our clients sound a bit breathless when they call us to book a date with our lovely Latina Escorts. These South American beauties come in a variety of Blonde Escorts, Brunette Escorts, Curvy Escorts and Busty Escorts. Many are samba babes from Brazil, with their classic curves and warm smiles. Not to be outdone, the fiery Venezuelans have become firm favorites here at Playful escorts, proudly justifying the country’s record breaking hold on the Miss World and Miss Universe titles. We cannot forget the gorgeous Cuban Auri, who currently is revered as one of London’s best Busty Escorts, yet remains a sweet, genuine girl.

So what is it that draws the South American beauties to London? They are all young and excited about living in such a dynamic and interesting city. Some are students, needing to improve their income, while others are helping their families back home. But all of them are just happy to spend some time in London and share some good times with us poor blokes. These lovely Latina Escorts are true ambassadors, and would love to meet up with you.

Give our receptionists a call on 020 8965 8881 or  020 8965 8886 to arrange your private intercultural experience.

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