Walking Tall

‘Hey pretty baby with the high heels on…You give me fever like I’ve never, ever known;

‘You’re just a product of loveliness…I like the groove of your walk, your talk, your dress’

That’s the late Michael Jackson commenting on the difference a pair of high heels makes and despite the fact we all know he was probably talking to his Chimpanzee, it still raises the question…what do we really think about female footwear?

All of our Escorts in London wear high heels. All of them. They know the power of a good stiletto. But do women actually enjoy wearing heels?? And do men really notice? I asked one of my favourite Blonde Escorts in London to get the female point of view, and consulted myself for the masculine stance.

‘So come on’, I asked, pointing to the six inch black leather stilettos on her dainty little feet, ‘Do you really enjoy wearing those things?’

‘Absolutely’, was her reply. ‘Heels make me feel sexy. I know that they make me look sexy as well but that’s actually not the point. I need to feel sexy for real and not just pretend. Stilettos give me great posture, they make me feel feminine and they make the most of my body.’

Looking at her perfect breasts, endless legs and flat stomach, I assured her that she didn’t really need any help in that department. But she gave me a little fashion show and demonstrated some of her favourite shoes. Now, previous to writing this, I would have been inclined to state quite frankly that men in general do not notice what shoes a woman is wearing. Well do you know what, and this doesn’t happen often, but I’m wrong. High heels are without a doubt the sexiest item of clothing that a woman could wear.  It’s not only Busty Escorts in London who are enhanced immediately by a pair of killer heels – even your wives, partners and colleagues could feel the benefit of some Jimmy Choos.

Heels are a symbol of female sexuality and power. They elongate the female form and make legs look longer and more shapely. They add height and so instantly transform a woman into a supermodel, and London Escorts into goddesses. Shoe fetishism dates back to the early nineteenth century and is even more prevalent today. Walking into a room, be it a bar or a restaurant or even a dentist’s waiting room, with a lady in heels on your arm – it makes a big impression. There’s an instant image of class, wealth and grandeur. Trudging about with a girl in trainers just isn’t the same!

Look no further for the most glamourous Escorts London can offer you, high heels and all. Whatever your preference, we’ve got it covered. And if you’re in the mood to take the lady out dancing and putting those sexy heels to good use then so much the better – I’ll let the girls know! Give us a call now and they’ll be getting all dressed up to meet you boys – stilettos at the ready!

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