U.K. versus International Escorts

It’s a difficult time for English Escorts in London. There’s a lot of competition coming from Eastern Europe, Spain, Latin America, and other parts of the world. These exotic ladies represent a wide cross section the very best their countries have to offer. They come in all sizes and shades, as blonds, brunettes and redheads. They add a truly international flavour to the London scene. Oftentimes they have only recently arrived from their home country, and are eager to explore the very best that the city has to offer. This excitement and enthusiasm makes these expats a favourite with many gentlemen seeking to forget their jaded views and enjoy a breath of fresh air with someone whose background seems interesting and exotic.

There are however, some challenges for international escorts. Many of them have little knowledge of English, which can be frustrating on a dinner date needing good conversation to keep the mood buoyant. Those who are new to London may also be ignorant of local customs, resulting in some cultural gaffes which can put a real damper on an evening out, and often turn out to be downright embarrassing.  Another, more serious fact is that some of these girls are trafficked to work against their will, and are being manipulated by dangerous people who control their earnings. This latter occurrence is something that reputable agencies such as Playful Escorts do not tolerate in anyway.

So, whither the fate of the legendary English Rose? Has she disappeared from the London Escort Industry? No, she has not! A quick browse through our site will reassure you that she is still very much available and in demand. The multi cultural nature of Britain now means that the English rose now comes in many varieties – all with their unique beauty and striking features. Many of these beauties are physically as exotic as some of the international London Escorts, and have become firm favourites of regular clients.

One of these lovely English roses who’s recently joined us here at Playful Escorts, London’s best cheap escort agency is Carmen. Carmen is a gorgeous woman who is enough to whet any man’s appetite. Her golden skin, stunning figure and sassy attitude has made her a hot ticket, and she is an outstanding example of the diversity to be found amongst U.K. escorts. They are just as exotic, very sensual, and guaranteed to be explosive dates.

To book the lovely Busty Escort London – Carmen, or any of our other English Roses, call us on  020 8965 8881 / 020 8965 8886

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