Looking for a new restaurant experience? Look no further than Inamo. If you intend to eat out with your London Escort in a nice restaurant, like with anything, whether it is a positive thing or a negative thing, it can get a little bit boring without much variety. Just like going on holiday might be fun and enjoyable but if you go to the same place or the same kind of place every time then it is likely that you will get quite bored with it and want some sort of variety. Well I had been getting a bit bored with choosing a place to go and eat, despite the plethora of restaurants that are available in London it can become a bit of a chore choosing which one to go to. You want to try something new but at the same time you do not want to deviate too far away from what you know you like, kind of what most people do when they look at a Chinese menu… “oh maybe i’ll try something new, actually, i’ll just get what I always get”. Well whilst in this pickle and trying to pick somewhere good to take a lady friend of mine one of the London escorts suggested a place called Inamo in Soho, an oriental restaurant with a bit of a twist and boy did she score with that one.

Inamo is honestly one of the coolest restaurants that I have ever been too, it isn’t the decor or the food that is necessarily what is so good, although both are great, it is the tables! Yes, that’s right, the tables! I was as surprised as I am sure you are when the escort in London explained this to me, but she turned out to be right. Basically the tables are like giant touch screens, you can look through the entire menu digitally on your table, you can flick through pages of food and wine as well as placing your orders and reading descriptions of each meal, you can even watch the chefs on a little web cam whilst they prepare your food whilst sitting at the table. The icing on the cake was the fact that you can actually play interactive games against whoever you are sitting with, right there on the table, a bit geeky I know but how cool is that?

If you are struggling for restaurant ideas and you are thinking of hiring a London escort in the near future then make sure you make yourself a booking at Inamo, it is not that expensive and you are guaranteed to enjoy your experience, just don’t let your food get cold whilst you play the games, not a good idea at all!

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