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Seen as the first couple of months of the year are often thought of as the most depressing by the vast majority of people it is no surprise that a lot of people tend to go out as much as they can on the weekends. Most of my group of friends have been going out pretty much every weekend since the New Year and of course, not wanting to miss out, I have joined them on most of these occasions. The general theme of most of these nights involves people saying that they do not want to spend too much money and then completely changing this mentality after a few drinks, I myself have been guilty of this, it is easy to think “hey I will just treat myself it’s the weekend”. This is all well and good when you are on the night out and the drinks are flowing, a few extra shots here and there and a cab home instead of a bus is no big deal…. until you check your bank balance the following week and realise just how much that you have spent. If you find yourself in this position far too often but you cannot refuse a night out perhaps you should think about spending some time at home over the weekend with a London escort.

From speaking to the escorts in London it seems that this is a general pattern for a lot of people over the last few months, despite the fact that we are still in a recession people do not seem to want to give up on their nights out and for a lot of them (especially me and my mates as we have quite expensive tastes) it is starting to harm the bank accounts.

The problem is that it is difficult to turn down a good night out, after a long week at work most people just want to wind down and enjoy themselves, take their minds off of the troubles and stresses of the working week. No one wants to turn down a night out and stay in on their lonesome whilst knowing that all of their mates are out having a good time. The best thing to do if you are in this situation is to take your mind off of what you think that you might be missing and the best way to do this is without a doubt by hiring a busty escort in London to keep you company.

As guys we all know that the best and biggest distraction is a gorgeous female and they do not come more gorgeous than our London escorts so be sure to give one a call the next time you want to sidestep an expensive weekend out.

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