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Having finally got on top of my emails at the London escort offices the other day, I took advantage of a ‘free period’ to browse some novelty articles on the Internet. One that caught my eye discussed how bad some film trailers are. The article’s complaint was that some trailers contain spoilers of the film, which actually makes you feel less inclined to watch the movie. The trailer for Stephen King horror ‘Carrie’ included loads of the movie’s central scenes, not to mention glimpses of how she wreaks her bloody revenge at the end of the movie! Similarly, ‘Cast Away’s’ trailer depicts, as you would expect, Tom Hank’s character being stranded on the desert island, but goes way too far by adding scenes of him being rescued, and then being reunited with his wife. So no real surprises when you actually watch the film. ‘What Lies Beneath’ is needlessly ruined by a trailer that shows you several key plot twists including the identity of the ghost. It’s incredible to think that all these big, successful film directors/producers, can let the trailer get so out-of-hand as to practically ruin all their good work up until that point.

I guess this doesn’t bother some people, who are just too impatient to discover things in due course. I had a friend at school who would always have to go straight to the last page of the book we were reading, as she just couldn’t wait to find out what happened. And what about all those people who open their presents on Christmas Eve? Way to ruin Christmas! For me, the anticipation and excitement about something is as meaningful as the end result itself. Why deprive yourself of that?

Back to film trailers – I would add to the article I read by saying that misleadingly good trailers are just as annoying as those that contain spoilers. You know, the ones where the directors have obviously strung together all the best scenes from the movie to make it look good, but when you actually watch the film you realise you’ve seen all the good bits already – as a whole it’s a big disappointment.

I guess there are a lot of things in life like this. Some people who are thinking about booking an escort girl for the first time have similar concerns – i.e. she looks great in her photos, but does that mean you’re already seen the best of her already? Or what if she doesn’t turn out to be as sexy and gorgeous as she looks? When clients go ahead and book a date with a brunette escort in London or a busty escort in London they normally find their fears are unfounded. The first fear is allayed by the fact the girl is of course totally three-dimensional – you might have already seen her in her underwear, but that’s not the same as actually experiencing her company. And as for the second concern, London incall escorts hate to let their clients down and it’s very rare for any disappointment to occur.

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