Top Three Babe’s

When I had a proper job in an office and the lads were on a bonding night out, as the conversation started to wain as it does when you realise you have NOTHING in common. We’d always play the ‘top three babe’s in the office’ It was great, especially when you involved the tight arsed individuals who spend there whole working lives trying to lick the right arses and be potiticaly correct.

They’d have to answer because they’d want to be part of the bonding process, but they don’t want to give anything away or alienate anyone..watching them squirm and then come up with the 4ft tall Bolivian cleaner whose we’re not even sure is actually female let alone a babe was just such fun.

Its not the same now, but let me ask you tour top three Playful babe’s. I’d be fascinated and if I get a response I’ll show you mine…so to speak!!

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