To get Turned You got to Turn Off

I don’t know if it is just me but since the turn of the year, anytime I sit down to watch a bit of TV I end up spending most of my allotted TV time just looking for something to watch. There doesn’t seem to be anything worth watching at all, even with the 200+ channels that I have with my SKY subscription I still can’t seem to find anything worth watching. Maybe it is just my personal taste but all the good shows like Peep Show and The Inbetweeners seem to have gone and all that is ever on is endless episodes of Come Dine With Me and Friends, I have actually had to resort to watching the never ending cycle of BB3 Three programs dealing with the only topics that they seem to think are worthy: alcohol, drugs and sex, not the worst programs to have to watch, but not the best! It made me start to think that during these winters months even though it is so tempting to just stay in-doors and hibernate it is important to try and get out a bit otherwise you start getting caught in a cycle of watching rubbish on TV. If your friends are too busy hibernating as well then think about giving a London escort a call, our girls are always up for doing something, it is rare that you will find them turning down a chance to go out in London.

I just don’t understand who does the TV schedules for satellite and digital TV, it seems as though they think that putting on repeats of the same program for years will not get at all boring and anytime they decide to treat us by putting on a film it is often the same film that they put on the week before. So that’s it, I have decided to tell you all that it is time to put down the remote, stop flicking through the same channels hoping that something new is going to come up even though you just looked 5 minutes before.

Trade the remote in your hand for a phone and give one of our busty escorts in London a call, see what she is doing and I am sure between the two of you that you can arrange something a bit more fun than endlessly flicking through the TV channels on your SKY box.

Also, it’s pay weekend, so there is no excuse for staying in and watching TV the whole time, get out there with an escort in London and forget about how crap TV is this year, until the football is on at the weekend of course!

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