Tiger and Wife Divorce

So, its official. Tiger Woods and his Scandinavian wife Elin have called it quits. Poor Tiger. Its been a rough year for him, having witnessed his personal life publicly unravel since last year’s car crash.  Since allegations of his affairs burst onto the news, the court of public opinion has cast numerous judgements against the world’s wealthiest sportsman.  All in all, I find it more than a little hypocritical that Tiger has had to endure such a horrible backlash. He is not the first sportsman or public figure to cheat on his wife, and he will not be the last. For all the murmurs of disapproval that have been circulating since the worms came out of the can late last year, very few people choose to admit that he’s handled this with a courage that would elude most. He’s being held to a standard not even demanded of religious and political leaders. John Edwards didn’t get anywhere near as much coverage for cheating on his cancer stricken wife and fathering a child, and he could have been president of the United States, a far more powerful position than a man who can hit a few balls into holes on lawns of grass.

So what next for Tiger? Well, his marriage is now done, and he’ll have to hand over a sizeable portion of his wealth to his ex. Even though he could be bitter, I reckon he’ll be okay if he hangs on to half of his US$1Billion fortune.  No doubt self righteous critics will be howling in victory, but they should remember that even though branded a crappy husband, he’s a father of two, and those kids will need to adjust to their daddy living in a completely different space.  There are no winners in this scenario.

This has undoubtedly been his roughest ever year. But, given some time, we’re sure he’ll come back, stronger, better and hopefully wiser. He’s proven his worth as a champion, and though life may knock him down, he’ll come roaring back, stronger and better than before.  That’s what real champions do after all, and we expect to see him performing on the green even more outstandingly once he’s recovered his form.

A word of advice Tiger. As a single man, you can have fun with whoever you want. And after all this drama, you deserve some pleasure.  When in Europe come and book one of our London Escorts. They’re beautiful, discreet, and cheap, so you won’t have to worry too much about getting caught or hurting your shrinking bank balance.

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