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Don’t ever let your friends talk you into doing something you really don’t want to do – fight back against peer-pressure! I discovered the truth of this lesson last week when I allowed my friends to convince me that it would be a good idea to take a course of skiing lessons in preparation for a possible ski trip in Europe this year. I have to say, I’ve never really been on board with the whole idea from the minute it was conceived over several beers last month. I tried to explain to my friends that whizzing at break-neck speed down a snowy mountain with just two planks strapped to my feet isn’t really my idea of fun. I admit, I am a wimp with this sort of thing. I even get very nervous with ice-skating. Like a London escort I like to have my feet firmly on the ground, composed and steady at all times!

So with a heavy heart I found myself stuttering sideways down the local dry ski-slope, until I fell over at the bottom of my very first run and landed heavily on my left thumb. I knew straight away it was probably broken, especially because it swelled up like a tennis ball. But, little trooper that I am, I didn’t complain (much) and forced myself miserably through the rest of the two- hour lesson. Afterwards though, I insisted rather irritably that my friends drive me to the hospital to get my thumb x-rayed.

It was indeed broken, and the nurse had to show me the exact way of bandaging it so it could heal. Now, like most blokes, I find something irresistibly attractive about female members of the nursing profession. This girl wasn’t stunningly attractive – quite plain really – but I still found myself fancying her. I think it’s a combination of the uniform and the tender, caring manner. It got me thinking about how, on a fairly regular basis, London escorts are asked by their clients to dress in a nurse’s uniform. It’s one of the time-honoured fantasies among men-folk. I have to say busty escorts in London do look incredible poured into their tight, white PVC outfits, and blonde escorts in London look really cute with the little nurse’s hats on their heads. I also think that, in another life, many of them could have been nurses for real. They have that attentive, caring bed-side manner that would make male patients’ hearts beat too fast and fall in love with them.

London escorts are excellent at fulfilling their clients’ deepest fantasies, as they know what men like about women and understand why they like it. Back in hospital that day, I found myself picturing all our London escorts as the nurses and doctors, walking around and tending to their patients, leaning over to adjust things at the bedside……… It certainly brightened things up a bit in that grey ward.

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