There is Only One Cure for The January Blues

I was talking to one of our London escorts the other day about her job, how she was finding it, likes and dislikes, you know the typical kinds of questions that you ask someone when enquiring about their profession. The difference with this conversation, however, was that the answers that followed my questions all seemed to be very positive. In fact, I don’t actually remember her saying that there were any drawbacks what so ever. As you can imagine I was very surprised by this, I mean, usually even with jobs that are seen as quite ‘cool’ or enviable there is at least a few drawbacks. Take being a footballer for example, this is the dream job of many guys both young and old, up and down the country, but any footballer will tell you that whilst it is fantastic getting paid a substantial amount of money to play a sport that you love it does of course have its downside. But amazingly this did not seem to be the case with the escort in London that I was talking too.

Think about it, how many jobs out there allow you to have as much fun as our escorts have whilst earning a nice amount of money and meeting new people all the time. Most jobs will entail doing pretty much the same old tasks day in day out, whether the tasks are rewarding or enjoyable doesn’t really come into it, I am talking about variation, and you do not get much more varied job than a London escort.

Here is an example, I asked the escort what she had been up to with work over the last few weeks and the answer she gave me sounded like the lifestyle of a well known London socialite, visiting nightclubs, bars, restaurants, office parties, Christmas parties, even a weekend away, and the best part of it all for her is that she got paid for it all. So any of you out there in cyberspace that think that a job as an escort is not a favourable one then think again, as our London escorts probably get more jab satisfaction then a lot of people.

If you are interested in adding to our girls fun then do not hesitate to give one of our escorts in London a ring, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will charge exactly the same for incalls as they do for outcalls and before any of you ask. No, they have not added 2.5% for the VAT increase, they still charge the exact same hourly rate as they did in 2010!!

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