the wrong signals

I have lived in London my entire life and there is something that has been seriously bothering me the whole time, London is a great city with a ton of things to do and great transport to get you there (when that transport decides that it wants to work.) I have been travelling to the London escort HQ far too many times now and encountered the age old problem of signal failures on the London Underground. In fact it is not just when I am travelling to the London escort HQ it is also when I am travelling home, or going for a night out, or going to see a film, or going shopping or going for a meeting….you get the idea. Signal failures just seem to come out of know where and it is incredibly rare that they do not last for less than 10 minutes, so what exactly are they?

As many years as I have been living in London I have never actually taken the time to find out what a signal failure actually is and considering that it happens to myself, the London escorts and pretty much everyone else I know so frequently this is quite a surprise. I just assumed that the signals where something like traffic lights that told the trains that they were able to stop and go, but surely they must be more significant and more important than a set of traffic lights as somehow signal failures at one end of a train line can cause havoc for the rest of the entire line, so what does that mean?

This is not just me going off on one, I know you guys must feel my pain, the London escorts certainly do, probably worse than most of us as the girls often travel around London from one side to the other so you can imagine some of the problems that they have encountered when it comes to our good friend the signal failure.

What I do not understand is the fact that they have been encountering signal failures for such a long time now it really confuses me that they have not managed to sort the issue out of at least try to lessen the huge impact that one signal failure seems to have on entire tube line.

The other day one of the escorts in London was travelling on the last train to the airport, it stopped halfway there due to signal failures and kicked everyone off, it was the last train on the line to the airport, she was forced to get off and find alternative transport. This meant getting an expensive cab to the airport or getting the bus which would mean she misses her flight. Inevitably she had to pay for the cab but nevertheless a little signal failure cost her £50 and a whole load of stress.

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