The Thrill of the Chase

What excites you about dating girls? So often the response to that is ‘the thrill of the chase’ that’s not so much the conquest of some beautiful young girl, but the wooing, the pursuing and the effort that one has to go through to obtain the woman of your desires. Critics of London Escorts maintain that this is the big stumbling block for them, that Escorts in London are too easy, they lack the challenge that sets a man’s heart a pounding.

Well I see the point but I still think that booking an Escort in London really can be an incredibly exciting experience. I can only speak from experience as to how I go about it. For me its not an instant decision. I like to look at the field…a bit like studying the form if you’re into horse racing (forgive the analogy girls). Who are the runners…what is the form…like a punter would look at the Racing Post to decide which horse is favourie, I’d take a look at punternet or punterlink to decide who are the girls ‘in form’ at the moment. There are so many Escorts London can offer that I know a decision is not always easy. Next I’ll take a look on my favourite websites…I know we all have them, Agencies that have given you great service in the past are going to be favoured…I hope we are included in your list, and take a look at any new girls that may be on the scene. Then I read the descriptions and the reviews to see what my fellow punters are thinking and recommending.

Now it’s beginning to come together and I’m getting a short list of girls. Then it’s a matter of going through my list and calling the Agency to see which London Escort is available at a time that suits me. This whole process I find very sexy. I’ll admit right from the start of the process the tension is beginning to build. I am starting to get a little excited at the thought. I love Escort dating…I like it better that chasing girls in the conventional sense because I can predict the end result rather than it being a total lottery. The excitement really starts to build when that booking is made, preparations begin. If it’s an incall then I’ll shower and anoint myself with oils until I smell so sweet and plan my route and how long to get there. If it’s an outcall I try to get that out of the way and then distract myself because otherwise I’m going to be just too excited by the time my date arrives. Even just talking aboiut it now I’m starting to get butterflies in my stomach…like I’m about to run out at Old Trafford with the Red Devils.

So you see for me dating a London Escort can be every bit as exciting if not more so than that first date scenario where you don’t know wha’ts going to happen and whether you’re going to like it other.


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