The Role of Playful Escort Agency

Some of you guys get confused about the part Playful plays in you booking a London Escort. Let me start by dispelling the first misrepresentation…the Escort Girls do not work for us. We do not employ these girls infact the reverse is true…they employ us. They employ us to advertise them as a London Escort in all the right publications and websites, they pay us to answer the phones when you ring and manage their diary such that they are as busy as they want to be and they pay us to manage their transport for them and liase between you and them and their taxi driver to try to ensure that everyone knows where they are going. For this service they pay us a fixed fee per client that we put them in touch with.

That implies that the Escorts London has to offer hold all the power with the Agencies. That’s not true and we don’t just take any girls onto our books. Our reputation is intertwined with how good a date your escort gives you. If you are not happy, it’s us that gets the flack, it’s our reputation that suffers no matter how much we argue that your contract is with your escort not with us. So given that state of affairs we take as much care as possible before deciding if we want to represent a particular London Escort and we monitor the feedback you give us in order to determine whether the relationship should continue. That is why your feedback is so crucial, without it we have no way of knowing what’s going on. 

You must understand that what happens between you and your escort after you meet is between you and her. Ultimately it’s your responsibility to make sure it’s clear what services you would like and ensure that your chosen escort understands this. There is no point in assuming that she will understand through telepathy what your particular preference is and certainly you cannot assume that ‘everything’ is on offer for the fixed price. You are paying your Escort in London for her time and you need to negotiate what that time includes. That’s not to say we won’t try to help if there is a dispute, as I said it’s our reputation on the line so we’re very concerned if you’re not happy and ultimately we will remove a girl from our site if we feel she is not representing us well to our clients but you need to make things as clear as you can before you start.

That is all we can ask of you and our girls, that you talk to each other and try to get the whole process clear to both of you so that there are no misunderstandings. If you do have any problems we are here for you to try to help and smooth out any differences and resolve them but ultimately we are not in the room and so we can’t actually verify what you said is right or what she said is right, in that situation we don’t like to take please be as clear as possible, then call us if things go wrong and we’ll try to help you sort the matter out.

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