The Perfect Start

What constitutes a perfect start to your day? I’d love some feedback from you guys to let me know so drop us a line and we’ll publish the best one. A perfect day for me would unsurprisingly start with a London Escort. That means an overnighter from one of my favourites…I’d plump for Vanessa I think on this occasion. What seriously could be better than waking up to the sunlight streaming through the curtains, look across and see Vanessa wrapped around you like a second skin, looking totally angelic yet knowing that when she wakes up, it’s going to be Christmas come early all over again.

I’m afraid being someone whose built his life around instant gratification, once I’ve satiated myself and me and my London escort have showered (together to save water of course) then it’s got to be breakfast. Not the greasy spoon, although that has it’s place, Vanessa deserves better than that. Fresh orange juice with the bits, free range eggs from our local farm where it’s Centr Parcs for chickens and dry cured bacon so you fry it rather than end up poaching it in its own water. Huge meaty mushrooms and toast until my stomach can’t take anymore (would you guess that I’m writing this blog before breakfast?). 

Just sitting opposite one of the Escorts London has to offer is a privilege first thing in the morning….that in itself is a sign of decadence and hedonism taken to it’s logical conclusion let alone enjoying that moment with such a beautiful woman. Then its a taxi for Vany and back to bed for me for a few hours to recouperate. That’s the way to start a day Awesome.

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