The Law and Escorting..the Agency

From our perspective we act as Agents for the girls. Basically they employ us to handle the organisation of your date. In order to attract girls to work with us we have to spend a lot on promoting our site on the internet so you see the ads and get to see the girls..if we are successful in that, we will attract girls who want us to work for them.

Our ‘contract ‘is with the girl, not you the client, so whilst we will make every effort to sort out any problems you have…after all it’s our reputation on the line, ultimately the ‘ins and outs’ of your date are for you and your escort to sort out..if we can’t resolve the problem and the girls at fault then we may well ask the girl to find another agency to represent them. If you’re not happy you need to let us know so we can try to protect our reputation.

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