Real Face of Escort Business and Society Escorts

Are you a new client whose not booked a London escort before? Are you a girl whose just starting out providing London escort services? Either way the prospect can seem a little scary and a little daunting. If you’re a client it will seem like you are entering unfamiliar territory,. I remember my first time and it felt like there was a line and I was about to cross it. never to return. Please remember that paying for a date is not as unusual as you might initially think. Society has decided to frown upon it, but the problem is that in this case we have to define society. If we look at the pillars of our so called society…Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, Religious Leaders, Headmasters and Teachers, Local Councillors, we have clients from all these professions. Would any Catholic priest dare to stand up and say that it wrong to pay for a date with a London escort? I don’t think so because they’re to busy fondling the choir boys to notice.

As a London Escort I think the TV series ” The Diary of a Call Girl’ has gone a long way towards changing our so called Societies way of thinking. It’s made people realise that London Escorts come from every walk of life and have legitimate reasons for getting into the dating business. The escorts London supplies you with include all the above professions, they are housewives loo9king for a bit of cash on the side, daughters of the wealthy, students who don’t want to be saddled with a 50,000 pound debt at the end of their studies, girls from the third world supporting a whole network of family members.

So you see London escort girls and their clients cover every social group, every profession, every country of the world and every religious persuasion. They are intertwined in our Society, they make our society what is is and that is why NO ONE should feel bad about either becoming an Escort London or dating one.

Hope that helps ease your conscience…unless you’re a Catholic Priest in which case burn in hell !!

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