The Early Worm catches the Best Birds.

We’ve had quite a few calls here at Playful Escorts from frustrated clients who never seen to be able to book their first choice of London escort girls.

Now, we sympathise with all you guys who’ve finally managed to get time off from work, family, mates and all the other commitments that seem to strangle our social lives, and were looking forward to spending some serious quality time with a gorgeous lady. You already knew that Playful Escorts has the best collection of London Escorts at the best price, and had our number handily stored in your new I phone as A. Mazing. And when the stars finally aligned and you called our great receptionists to make a date with that bombshell brunette escort in london with the killer curves, your heart plummeted when you heard; ‘So sorry, but she’s not available tonight.’

Now, we have a policy of keeping the client happy, and we always try to offer you an equally lovely and charming young lady to the one you had set your sites on. While 99% of you go on to enjoy your date with another Playful escort girl, a few of you are so heartbroken that you miss out on what is usually a great experience. For all you die-hard devotees, I make only one recommendation – Call and book in advance. If you know you’re getting set for a wild Saturday night in on Wednesday, and have got your eyes on that fabulous Ebony London Escort with the knockout knockers, give us a ring, and we’ll try our best to book you in for your preferred time and location. Playful Girls are in high demand, especially on the weekends. Booking early not only saves you some disappointment, it also allows you to make special requests of your date. Would you like her to wear a particular kind of outfit? The more time she has to prepare, the better she can meet your expectations. Now I’m not saying to book five weeks in advance, but if you have your heart set on exploring the sexy salsa with one of our choice Latina escorts on Saturday night, calling in on Saturday morning will give her sufficient time to whip out that saucy dress and killer heels.

Playful Escorts be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week by telephone and email. So there’s really no reason for an early bird like yourself to not catch the worm.

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