The Duo Debate

Are two better than one? That’s the question. Is it acceptable to indulge yourself with two girls on our Duo packages or is it just so greedy and hedonistic that you’ll rot in hell. Of course maybe you’re just sharing with a mate…yeah right!!. But the reality is that you simply have to try the experience once in your life.

For me it happened many years ago on a trip to Thailand. After a brief stop over in Bangkok the guys pressed on to Koh Samui…then an unspoilt Island with Cabanas on the beach and beautiful, sweet, innocent local girls running the ramshackle bars that dotted the muddy track that was Chaweng Beach Road. It was the most wonderful experience, to have 2 beautiful giggling girls climbing all over you, working on every major pleasure zone you could think of and some that I didn’t know existed. That trip was my first brief dip into these muddy waters and to this day it remains a wonderful memory.

Lounging outside a bar on the beach, watching the sunset over tranquil water whilst holding a beautiful Thai girl in your arms, listening to Bob Marley echoing across the water and watching her friend expertly rolling a huge joint, then sharing it with your life long friends…a blissful moment in time…You owe it to yourself to seek out these special moments and celebrate your time on this planet.

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