The Blind Leading The Blind

We have pretty much seen and heard everything here at the Agency over the years, from good to bad. Our Escort Services in London have been called upon to cater for just about every preference, idiosyncrasy or fetish that you could imagine, and quite a few that you can’t.

Bless ’em the Escort Girls always try there best, always keep a straight face and never question anyone’s personal preferences…we’re a ‘live and let live’ Agency and as long as it doesn’t involve hurting anyone else, then you just have to call us and we’ll try to accomodate your little foibles.

We do occasionally also get guys that are virgins to the Industry and life in general.. You have to be 18 at least but as long as you’ve got the key to the door then you can avail yourself of the charms of any of our London Escort Girls. Having said that, going into a room unprepared with Adella could be considered a little stupid. That’s where you need to give us a call and we’ll recommend a girl that suits your stage of expertise. We have a lot of young girls (over 18 of course) who have differing degrees of experience. You could go for the innocent option and just work it out between you, or I know a lot of young guys favour the Mature Escort for there first few tentative steps into the industry….I think you call it the MILF syndrome..I think one of the horniest things I ever did was grope a mates girlfiend’s mum at party..heaven to a 17 year old and God was she up for of the highlights and at the same time regrets of my life that I didn’t have the courage to nail her..the innocence of youth.

So bottom line if its your first time we’ll give it a fitting reverence…a fanfare or maybe a guard of honour. You’ll receive a ‘I lost my Cherry’ T Shirt and a round of applause at the end…not really only joking discretion is assured young man.

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