The Best Date You Ever Had

I’m looking for some feedback guys about your experiences with a London Escort. I’ve had some classics over the years, everything from some of the most fantastic moments of my life, to total disasters. So I would really appreciate some kind of response and I’ll publish the best that I receive anonymously if you wish or just give me your knick name.

I think one of my most memorable London Escort experiences I had was with our Julia. This was what 4 years ago at least when she first arrived from Spain. She was very young and innocent then and as slim as a whip. She was the perfect school girl fantasy because it wasn’t very long ago then that she’d been at school. I make no apologies for the fact that at the time the college girl genre was my favourite. Call it a mid life crisis maybe. To be fair to Julia, I should point out that she is now established as one of the best Escorts in London, she’s filled out and matured a little and looking at her now I think she’s more desirable. As I said with me going through my mid life crisis I was determined to get down with the kids and relate to her on her level.

So I suggested we go clubbing and so we ends up in a place in Clerkenwell. ¬†She insisted on stopping off at McDonalds first ,which she was within her rights to do but immediately made me feel like one of the single dads on the Saturday access visit . Then we hit this club. It was my worst nightmare, firstly we had to queue to get in, something I’d given up doing years before then it was jammed packed full of teenagers which sounds like it should have been right up my street but was just overload….give me one at a time not 3,000 of them and then the final thing was the music…trance…not my thing at all just thing pounding beat with a strobe lit Julia pulsating to the beat, loosening my fillings.

I’d asked for it and Julia, bless her, had given me what I wanted, but I guess it was a lesson learned that you can only ‘get down with the kids’ when you are one. Julia and I still laugh about it and I make sure that if we meet up it’s somewhere quieter where I can hear myself speak and get a beer when I want without fighting a teenager for a place at the bar. The escorts London provide you with can cover every genre and I’m not say don’t date the younger girls, just make sure the date’s on your terms in a place you are comfortable with. Drop us a line eith your experiences please.

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