There is plenty of time to do the typical things like going to bars, clubs and restaurants with a London escort but sometimes it is night to have a bit of alternative fun by doing things that you do not usually do and that you cannot find anyone to do with, the perfect excuse to hire one of the London escort girls.

Living in London these days it is almost like there are rules that determine what we can and can’t do for fun. It is important to be seen as doing something that is ‘cool’ or ‘trendy’ if you are quite young and living in London. These things include going to bars and/or clubs as well as trips to the theatre or cinema or perhaps an exhibition. Whilst all of these things are indeed fun and enjoyable sometimes you may not want to have to spend the sort of money that is required to do that sort of thing in London, it has gotten a lot more expensive to go out and have a good time in London now, the price of a cinema ticket is pushing the £10.00 barrier and the price of a pint of beer is fast approaching the £5.00 mark.

This makes it quite off putting to do this sort of thing too often as it can be quite harmful on the pocket, sometimes you might just want to have a bit of old school fun that doesn’t cost too much, myself and a couple of the London escorts decided to do this the other day and we ended up having a good laugh just chilling out and playing board games, yeah that’s right, board games!

Yes I know it might sound a little lame or old fashioned  but one of the London escorts brought up Cluedo and it gave me the urge to play it but I knew no one was likely to want to play it with me, but being as fun as they are the London escorts obliged and we ended up having a whole evening playing a variety of board games and I can honestly say that it was as much fun as I have had doing the usual things like going to bars and restaurants, we added a bit of wine to the equation (which helped me get one up on the London escorts) and we had a good laugh.The problem for anyone else that would like to have a similar evening is that not a lot of people will want to indulge with you so the best thing to do it just give some of the London escorts a call, as long as their sexiness doesn’t distract you too much you should be able to have a good time without spending too much money with the girls.

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