The Advantages of a London Escort

With so many cities around the UK, there is bound to be some rivalry between the escort girls as to which city provides the best experience for clients.  Although escort girls in Manchester have been placed in the spotlight following one of their own’s kiss and tell on Wayne Rooney, we think that escorts in London still have several unique advantages.

Firstly, let’s face it – London is the ‘It’ city of the U.K. Most UK corporations will have their head offices here, and leading international companies have long established their presence in this cosmopolitan city. Even companies headquartered in areas such as Sheffield and Manchester will ensure they have an office in London – its just the done thing!

London’s magnetic presence attracts all sorts, from across the globe, enhancing the prospects of you finding exactly what you’ve been fantasising about. This is no different with escorts. If you asked all of the most beautiful, glamorous and adventurous escorts London has played host to them all. There is a smorgasbord of delights – blonde escorts, busty escorts, Latina escorts, Russian escorts, Eastern European escorts, black escorts … the list goes on and on. All are accessible fairly quickly and discreetly, which is one aspect that poses problems in other smaller, less diverse cities.  And where to spend your date with your escort in London is more a matter of eliminating the possibilities rather than struggling for options. There are so many clubs and bars at which to enjoy a drink and savour the feel of your escort girl’s curves as she moves provocatively on the dance floor. There are also many fine restaurants and an impressive number of hotels at which you and your date can relax and enjoy the night’s events. This may be true in other cities, but only in certain areas. In London, no matter where you are within the city limits, there is always something to do, somewhere to go, and ofcourse, a beautiful escort girl with whom to do it with.

So if you’re coming to the UK for a visit and fancy a bit of company, do consider booking the best escort London has to offer here at Playful Escorts. Our girls are fun, charming, and certainly enjoy showing you guys the very best sights this city has to offer. If you’re from another city in the UK and crave a bit of excitement, book a trip to London and call us to arrange your meeting with a beautiful cheap escort who’s sure to make your visit memorable.

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