That’s A Bonus

The bankers are back to living the high life. Most of the banks and investment houses in the square mile were celebrating a return to mega profits. Even the ones that are supposedly owned by us taxpayers saw it fit to reward their ‘top performers’ with a nice fat bonus, while the rest of us ordinary people started to panic at the upcoming increase in the price of bread.

And how did these City Boys start to spend their rewards? On London Escorts of course!  One of the most popular tabloids ran a story on a police raid on several locations throughout the City, with several high fliers being caught in compromising positions by the lawmen.

Now, before you jump to conclusions, cut these guys some slack. Banking is a cut throat world, and you can hardly blame a man for seeking some affection during his lunch hour. Remember, they used to be able to claim the escort fees as expenses! Plus, some of the naughty minxes were dressed for the occasion – there were several ‘nurses’ available to help these poor boys feel better. We always knew escort girls promoted healthy living.

The thing that bothers us here at Playful most of all is that these boys were stung not once, but twice. Being taken away by the police was certainly a bitter pill to swallow, but to think that several of them were paying over £200 an hour! They should’ve come to us at Playful, where we have the best Cheap London Escorts anywhere. Even though the recovery seems to be well underway, it would pay to be wise until its more definite.  A choice of stunning Blonde Escorts, Brunette Escorts, Ebony Escorts, Asian Escorts, Latina Escorts and Busty Escorts are available to help you unwind over your lunch hour and get you fired up for the next demanding session.

So next time Banker Boys, save yourself the embarrassment (and quite a few pennies) and book your lunchtime rendez – vous with our great receptionists. Give us a ring on 020 8965 8881 or 020 8965 8886. We guarantee it’ll be far less hassle, and far more satisfying, to have a lunch break with our Escort Girl.

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